My kids won’t eat ….

So lately we have had a huge issue in our house. My kids will not eat anything that comes out of my kitchen. Now this bothers me on a few levels. First I am bothered by the fact that they seem to only want to eat crap that comes out of a box or from a fast food restaurants. Secondly it bothers me that I put lots of time and love into preparing food for them and then they turn their nose up at it and would rather starve than eat what I make. So what is a mom to do when she wants happy healthy well fed kids?

I have no clue. Can you help me?

As of right now the only things my kids will eat (since I won’t let them eat McDonalds everyday) is oatmeal and fruit. Even with that I have to bribe them with a 1/4 size piece of graham cracker just so they will eat. I try to get as much into them with each bite as possible. One of their favorite things is peanut butter. Works for me helps get protein in their bodies to help fuel them but sadly I worry about the strain on their kidneys since they don’t want to drink much water either.

I am open to any suggestions you may be able to share on getting them to expand their pallets. As for now I will continue with my bribes and try to get whatever nutrients in them I can. Here is a nice healthy snack that my kids love and it is also great for mom before a workout to get in some potassium and protein.

Remember that peanut butter recipe I shared? It will come in handy with this little snack.

bananas and peanut butter

Bananas and peanut butter

1-2 bananas sliced

3-4 Tablespoons peanut butter

To make prep for this easy I put all the banana slices on a plate then pipe the peanut butter on from a sandwich baggie.

I have tried smearing it with a butter knife but I just make a mess.

The kids absolutely love this little snack.

They love to eat it and play with it too, banana tower anyone?

3 thoughts on “My kids won’t eat ….

  1. I’m going to follow the answers you may get here. I have the same problems with Nicholas and Madison. They flat out REFUSE to eat anything I make. I try to make things I think they will like, to no avail. Even things they used to like, they no longer like. Sweet potatoes for instance. They used to gobble them up! Now, the only way they will eat them is if they are in a souffle` all sweetened up! But, I refuse to make them candied veggies all the time. It’s gotten really bad the last few days actually. To the point I just caved and gave them PB&J for lunch today for fear of them skipping another meal!!

    They turn their noses up and refuse to even try what I cook. I’m bothered by it for the same reasons you are. That they are not eating, and … well… it hurts my feelings! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing food for them to eat, but they don’t even try it! I’ve tried explaining how good they have it, that some kids aren’t as lucky as them and don’t get nearly as much food as they are even offered. But, they haven’t gotten to that stage of understanding yet… or they just don’t care. This is rough 😦

    • Sounds like exactly what is going on in our house. The most frustrating thing is we will force them to try it and then they like it and will eat it but that is after forcing it into their mouths. I hate doing that but I want them to eat something that is good for them.

  2. If your kids are stuck on oatmeal, have you considered savory oatmeal? Maybe since it has the same name, they might be interested in it.
    And with Liam, he seems to like a plate or bowl of lots of little random things. Some olives, pickles, cheese, raisins, apple slices… and it always helps if I give it to him in the presence of one or more siblings. Peer pressure seems to help and someone will eat it in the end.

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